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NetBranch Enrollment

Enrolling in NetBranch is easy - here's how:

  • In the User ID box, enter your HEBFCU member number.
  • In the Password box, enter your ABBY PIN if you have used one; if not, enter the last four digits of your Social Security number and select the login button.

If you need assistance, please contact us at 210.938.7850.


IRS Identifies New Scam

Just days into the start of the 2018 filing season, the IRS identified a new scam in which cybercriminals have stolen client data from tax professionals and filed fraudulent refunds using real taxpayer information, including bank account and routing information for direct deposit.

The fraudster then contacts the taxpayer posing as an employee of a debt collection agency working on behalf of the IRS. They ask the taxpayer to take certain steps to return the refund, but actually the refund goes to the criminals.

IRS guidance to taxpayers who are victims asks them to contact the Automated Clearing House (ACH) department of the bank/financial institution where the direct deposit was received and have them return the refund to the IRS. The IRS also asks the taxpayers to call the agency toll-free at (800) 829-1040 (individual) or (800) 829-4933 (business) to explain why the direct deposit is being returned.

There is more information for taxpayers at Tax Topic Number: 161 - Returning an Erroneous Refund

Petya/Petrwrap Malicious Activity Alert

June 29, 2017  -  NCR-Digital Insight, our digital services provider, is aware of the current ransomware outbreak being identified in the news associated with the Petya/Petrwrap malware family. Similar to the recent “WannaCry” cyberattack, this threat will encrypt the files on a computer, rendering them inaccessible unless a ransom is paid. It is unclear how the ransomware is spreading, but it is believed to be currently spreading via the same path as WannaCry – circulating itself to any additional computers it can reach via the network.

The NCR-Digital Insight Information Security team has taken a number of steps to proactively prepare and mitigate the risk of this specific attack and is currently working with security vendors to ensure that all internal systems and customer-related data are protected.

As always, each of us should be aware of email phishing and non-reputable web sites:

  • Be suspicious of emails from sources you do not know or recognize.
  • Do not click on links or open attachments from unknown senders.
  • Be suspicious if the message promises something "too good to be true."
  • Be wary of any email requesting personal or financial information.
  • Beware if the message uses time-based constraints (i.e. "click the link within 24 hours or else".)
  • Read the message content carefully and look for misspelled words and poor grammar. This is typically a sign of a phishing email.
  • NEVER enter your password or personal data into a site or window you've arrived at by following a link in an email. Even if it's a site you trust like your financial institution, it's better to go directly to the site by using your bookmark or typing the site's address directly into your browser.
  • Do not download software from web sites that are not reputable.

Our network security technology currently detects Petrwrap, and NCR-Digital Insight is confirming that it also detects all variants.

  • At this time our anti-virus vendor has an updated signature file that detects all current versions of the Petya/Petrwrap family malware, and this update is currently being distributed.
  • Our email security provider has not seen an indication that this is spreading via email, but if it is, our email security filtering system would strip any malicious emails if found, and we are working with our provider to identify any additional protections we can implement.

HEBFCU Ranks #9 in America

H-E-B Federal Credit Union has been included in the 2016 Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions in America by Deposit Accounts, an online bank account comparison service. HEBFCU was evaluated with over 6,000 other credit unions and took ninth place.

Two more San Antonio credit unions were included in the Top 200; Synergy Federal Credit Union took 44th place and Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union took 184th place. An additional 21 Texas credit unions made the Top 200 list.

Deposit Accounts uses a proprietary formula to assess the financial health of all federally insured banks and credit unions in the US. Some of the key components of the formula include capitalization, deposit growth and loan-to-reserve ratios.

Deposit Accounts was created in 2005 by Ken Tumin as the Bank Deals Blog. Almost ten years and more than 10,000 articles later, the site has grown to become one of the largest consumer destinations in the United States maintaining a dedicated focus on depository banking products.


Your go-to ATM may now be located in a new space within H-E-B and may have a new look. If you see a blue topper with “BBVA Compass,” check for the H-E-B logo on the front bottom panel of the ATM. Machines with the H-E-B logo will still provide free cash withdrawals to HEBFCU Members.

If you’ve been charged an ATM withdrawal fee in error, contact the Credit Union at 210.938.7850.

GoToMyCard.com Adds Multi-Factor Authentication

Gotomycard.com (GTMC) has added another layer of security for MasterCard cardholders when accessing their accounts online.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an extra layer of protection to GTMC by letting you register challenge questions and answers to ensure that you are accessing the correct GTMC site and confirm that you are accessing your credit card.

This extra layer of security is being added to GTMC to protect your financial information and help deter online threats.


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