Fee Schedule

Account research or balancing
(per hour) Minimum $5.00
Account transfers from Share-Savings
(less than $25.00)
ATM balance inquiry
(per inquiry)
ATM withdrawal
(per transaction at non-free HEBFCU ATM)
ATM card replacement
(per card)
Basic Checking teller withdrawals $2.00
Basic Checking excessive check per statement cycle $2.00
Business Checking Account monthly service charge
(if minimum balance falls below $2,000)
Check cashing fee
(if account balance is less than half check amount)
Checks returned, written on your account with non-sufficient (NSF) or uncollected funds and Automated Clearing House transfers charged to your account with NSF (each) $35.00
Classic Checking Account monthly service charge
(if account avg. daily balance is less than $1,000; total deposit relationship is less than $5,000 or total loan relationship is under $10,000)
Copy of check
(first two per statement period free)
Debit card replacement (first; per card) $5.00
Debit card replacement (second and subsequent; per card) $10.00
Debit temporary instant issue card (per card) $5.00
Debit card transaction receipt copy
(signature-based transaction unrelated to lost or stolen card; each)
Early closure fee
(closing membership Savings, H-E-Buddy Savers Club, or Sponsor Package Savings account within six (6) months of opening account)
FSC assisted inquiries
No charge
Inactivity fee* $10.00
Insufficient funds courtesy pay fee** $20.00
Item inquiry
(more than 7 days) (per inquiry)
MasterCard foreign transaction fee 1% of transaction amount
Money Market and Money Market Plus Account monthly service charge
(if average daily balance falls below $1,500)
Money orders (each) $1.25
Monthly statement copies
(per page)
NetBranch Bill Payment
(if enrolled users do not make at least one bill payment during the statement period, a non-usage fee will be charged)
NetBranch Bill Payment monthly service charge (Basic Checking) $5.00
Outstanding check processing fee (each) $25.00
Overdraft transfers
(pre-authorized from deposit or Line of Credit account in $25 increments) per transfer
Paper periodic statement fee (per statement cycle) $2.00
Premier Checking Account monthly service charge $6.00
Return deposit items (per item) $20.00
Return mail (incorrect address) $10.00
Savings and Sponsor Package Savings excess withdrawals
(in excess of 4 per month)
Share Account maintenance fee*** $10.00
Statement history
(prior 2 weeks) (each)
Stop payment orders (each) made in person or by telephone $30.00
Stop payment orders (each) made through NetBranch Digital Banking System $20.00
Tax levy/garnishment
(per occurrence)
Temporary checks (After 1st Set) $5.00
Transfer limitation for Savings, Sponsor Package Savings and Money Market Accounts
(in excess of 6 per month)
Transfers by wire - domestic (per transfer) $15.00
Withdrawals of two-party checks $2.50

*Inactivity Fee
A quarterly Inactivity Fee of $10.00 will be charged on the last business day of the quarter if no depository accounts in a Member's name have had a member-generated deposit or withdrawal for one year or more. This fee will be waived if the Member's cumulative depository ledger balance on the last business day of the quarter is $500 or above, the Member has a current loan with a balance, or an open-end line of credit.

**Insufficient Funds Courtesy Pay Fee
The Courtesy Pay Fee is imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or by other electronic means.

***Share Account Maintenance Fee
A quarterly Share Account Maintenance Fee of $10.00 will be charged if a Member's Primary Share ledger balance on the last business day of the quarter is less than $300.00, the Member has no other depository nor loan relationship, and is age 18 or older. The fee will be posted the first business day of the following quarter.