Fee Schedule

Account research or balancing fee
(per hour); minimum fee of $20 for each request
Assisted inquiries – each account balance inquiry and account-to-account transfer request by telephone, text, email or in person with a member service representative$5.00
ATM balance inquiry
(per inquiry)
ATM withdrawal
(per transaction at non-free HEBFCU ATM)
ATM card replacement
(per card)
Basic Checking teller withdrawals$2.00
Basic Checking excessive check per statement cycle$2.00
Business Checking Account monthly service charge
(if minimum balance falls below $2,000)
Check cashing fee – Member
(if account balance is less than half check amount)
Check cashing fee – Non-member$2.50
Classic Checking Account monthly service charge
(if account avg. daily balance is less than $1,000; total deposit relationship is less than $5,000 or total loan relationship is under $10,000)
Copy of check
(first two per statement period free)
Debit card replacement (first; per card)$5.00
Debit card replacement (second and subsequent; per card)$10.00
Debit temporary instant issue card (per card)$5.00
Debit card transaction receipt copy
(signature-based transaction unrelated to lost or stolen card; each)
Early closure fee
(closing membership Savings, H-E-Buddy Savers Club, or Sponsor Package Savings account within six (6) months of opening account)
Inactivity fee*$10.00
Item inquiry
(more than 7 days; per inquiry)
MasterCard foreign transaction fee – debit card transactions1% of transaction amount
Money Market and Money Market Plus Account monthly service charge (if average daily balance falls below $1,500)$10.00
Money orders (each)$1.25
Monthly statement copies
(per page)
NetBranch Bill Payment
(if enrolled users do not make at least one bill payment during the statement period, a non-usage fee will be charged)
Non-member check cashing fee$5.00
NSF items written on your account with insufficient funds or uncollected funds, whether returned or paid, and Automated Clearing House transfers charged to your account with NSF (each). Because a payee may resubmit a returned item or other payment order such as an Automated Clearing House transaction multiple times, multiple Insufficient Funds Fees may be charged for the same item or payment order.35.00
Outstanding check processing fee (each)$25.00
Overdraft transfers
(pre-authorized from deposit or Line of Credit account in $25 increments; per transfer)
Paper periodic statement fee (per statement cycle)$2.00
Premier Checking Account monthly service charge$6.00
Return deposit items fee (applies per item, per occurrence)$20.00
Return mail (incorrect address)$10.00
Savings and Sponsor Package Savings excess withdrawals
(in excess of 4 per month)
Share Account maintenance fee**$10.00
Statement history
(prior 2 weeks; each)
Stop payment orders (each) made in person or by telephone$30.00
Stop payment orders (each) made through NetBranch Digital Banking System$20.00
Tax levy/garnishment
(per occurrence)
Temporary checks (after first set)$5.00
Transfers by wire – domestic (per transfer)$15.00

*Inactivity Fee
A quarterly Inactivity Fee of $10.00 will be charged on the last business day of the quarter if no depository accounts in a Member’s name have had a member-generated deposit or withdrawal for one year or more. This fee will be waived if the Member’s cumulative depository ledger balance on the last business day of the quarter is $500 or above, the Member has a current loan with a balance, or an open-end line of credit.

**Share Account Maintenance Fee
A quarterly Share Account Maintenance Fee of $10.00 will be charged if a Member’s Primary Share ledger balance on the last business day of the quarter is less than $300.00, the Member has no other depository nor loan relationship, and is age 18 or older. The fee will be posted the first business day of the following quarter.