Money Management

Regarded as one of the best PFM solutions in the industry, Money Management is a free service for HEBFCU Members. It's the best way to organize and manage your finances.

Money Management enables you to track expenditures, create budgets, set debt and savings goals – all with minimal effort on your part. This program also:

  • Combines data from thousands of financial institutions to give a complete financial picture all in one location
  • Shows how your money is being spent and where money can be saved
  • Provides one-click automatic generation of budgets based on the program's highly accurate transaction categorization
  • Offers a wide selection of Alerts that you can receive via email or SMS

With Money Management you can:

  • Forecast debt payoff dates
  • Track and analyze your net worth
  • Set savings and retirement goals
  • View your cash flow over time

Log into NetBranch and select the Manage Money tab. Click on Money Management to put this powerful financial management tool to work for you.