Overdraft Protection

At HEBFCU, it is important to us to provide added value to the products and services we offer. That’s why we recommend protecting your Checking Account with Overdraft Protection.

You can choose from two methods to protect your account. The first choice is to have funds transferred from another deposit account at the Credit Union. With your pre-authorization, we can transfer available funds in $25 increments to protect your checking account.

Once you arrange for Overdraft Protection, chances are you’ll never experience the inconvenience or expense of a returned check. And Overdraft Protection is extremely affordable; see the Fee Schedule for applicable charges.

The second choice is to use a Line of Credit to prevent overdrafts. Once approved, funds are transferred in $25 increments – up to your available limit – to protect your account.

If you don’t have a Line of Credit, you can apply online, call our Financial Service Center representatives at 210.938.7850 or visit the branch for assistance. Convenience and peace of mind about the checks you write make Overdraft Protection a valuable addition to your account.