ATM Card

Anytime, anywhere you need cash, you have easy access to your accounts with an HEBFCU ATM card. Best of all, withdrawals are free at hundreds of ATMs in H-E-B stores, most Frost financial centers and other locations. In the H-E-B stores, check for the H-E-B logo on the front bottom panel of the ATM and for the HEBFCU logo on the screen. In addition to withdrawals, you can also transfer funds between your primary checking and savings accounts at the ATM. Find a convenient location with the ATM Locator.

The Fee Schedule displays applicable charges for inquiries at all ATMs and withdrawals at ATMs not included in the fee-free network. Additional fees may be assessed by the ATM owner.

To apply for an ATM card, call our Financial Service Center representatives at 210.938.7850 or visit your branch.

To activate and set a PIN on a new or renewed card, or to change the PIN on an existing card, call 800.992.3808.