Introducing H-E-B Federal Credit Union

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H-E-B Federal Credit Union has been helping Partners since 1963, and we look forward to the chance to work with you. Joining the credit union is an opportunity for all Partners and their immediate family members. Membership is part of the total benefits package with H-E-B.

Unlock the door to significant savings; the Credit Union
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Almost every day brings us news about ways the big banks are taking risks, adding fees and limiting services as they continue to seek out ways to make higher profits off their customers. If you’re interested in an alternative to large corporate banks, consider the benefits of a credit union.

A credit union is a not-for-profit organization that is owned by its members. It operates as a cooperative, enabling members to pool their resources to provide services to other members. On the other hand, banks are for-profit organizations typically owned by shareholders. They sell financial services in order to maximize profits for the shareholders.

When it comes to making a big purchase and managing your money, on average you’ll find better rates and lower fees at a credit union. You will likely find better service, too.

H-E-B Federal Credit Union is proud to be part of the H-E-B family. As a Partner, you’re part of a select group of people who can join. This benefit is only available to H-E-B Partners and their family members. No one understands the needs of Partners better than HEBFCU.

We have all the products and services you expect – including a highly rated mobile app, the 24/7 access to your money you demand and a personal touch you can’t find anywhere else. Check out the credit union for

  • Great people
  • Competitive rates and the best values
  • Fast, accurate and confidential service
  • Innovative digital solutions for today and tomorrow
  • Access to over 6,500 service center branches

Our History

H-E-B Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1963 with the founding purpose of serving the financial needs of H-E-B Grocery Company warehousemen and transportation personnel in San Antonio, Texas.

Founding members L. B. Elmor and Anna Mae Smith, along with other volunteers, ran HEBFCU two years until a president was hired in 1965. In 1978, HEBFCU opened its first branch to serve the San Antonio Retail Support Center (SARSC). As new Partners joined the Grocery Company, HEBFCU membership grew.

HEBFCU made shared branches available to its membership beginning in 1997. The availability of shared branches has mushroomed and today members can utilize more than 400 centers in Texas and 6,500 nationally.

In mid-1997, H-E-B Federal Credit Union introduced the Financial Service Center (FSC) to serve the geographically diverse membership in an efficient manner. Members could do business with the FSC by telephone, fax, Internet, and mail.

Following a 1996 initiative within the Grocery Company, HEBFCU created and published its Bold Promise in 1997. The Bold Promise allowed HEBFCU to define and communicate its dedication to excellence. The promises serve as an internal compass that HEBFCU uses to define its purpose and guide its actions in achieving life-long relationships with the members.

H-E-B Federal Credit Union rolled out a new website and introduced NetBranch online banking and bill payment services as we entered the 21st century. In 2002 the credit union launched a much-anticipated debit card and in 2003 HEBFCU celebrated 40 years of service.

HEBFCU began offering live assistance on a 24/7 basis in 2006 with the implementation of a Custom Call Center while continuing to expand the number of electronic services available to members. In 2009 HEBFCU rolled out Mobile Browser Banking and Text Message Banking, giving members instant access to account information via a mobile device or cell phone.

Continuing to expand this delivery solution, HEBFCU introduced My Deposit in 2010 enabling members to make a secure deposit 24/7 using a scanner and Internet connection, effectively eliminating the need for a brick-and-mortar branch.

In 2012 HEBFCU rolled out the iPad app and the Android Tablet app was soon to follow. My Mobile Deposit, which enables qualifying members to make a deposit with an iPhone or Android phone, debuted in late September.

HEBFCU reached its 50th Anniversary in 2013 and celebrated five decades of serving H-E-B Partners and their family members. Later in the year a new online account opening process was introduced to provide an efficient, turnkey solution to members wanting to join the credit union or add an account to their existing membership. In 2015 NetBranch was upgraded to allow members to enroll for digital banking on their mobile device rather than on a desktop or laptop. Touch ID access was added as a login option for members with compatible iPhones, and My Mobile Deposit services were included in the Android tablet app.

After 25 years, the credit union relocated the San Antonio branch and administrative offices from Loop 410 at Blanco Road to the Lockhill Crossing building on Loop 1604 in 2016. The move was completed in the second quarter and the branch opened for business on May 23rd.

For the second time, H-E-B Federal Credit Union was ranked among the healthiest financial institutions in the country in rankings compiled by Deposit Accounts, an online bank comparison service. In 2014 HEBFCU had been included in the list of the Top 200 Healthiest Credit Unions, ranking 24th. In 2016, HEBFCU was included in the Top 10, ranking ninth. Twenty-three additional Texas credit unions made the Top 200 list.

In 2017, the credit union expanded their communication channels by adding a two-way secure SMS solution. This allowed the credit union to communicate with members via text message, a preferred channel of communication for many members. During 2018, the credit union continued to focus and refine digital platforms while enhancing NetBranch Digital Banking. The credit union introduced Money Management; a digital budgeting product used to help with personal finances and set saving goals. The credit union also partnered with SavvyMoney to bring free Credit Score information to members through NetBranch. This service enables members to view their credit score and gives them the tools and information of how to improve their score. Members who qualify are also provided with pre-approved loan offers, proving the credit union continues to meet the members borrowing needs.

2020 proved to be unprecedented, but HEBFCU did not skip a beat while serving their members during a pandemic. New digital services were introduced and NetBranch was enhanced to ensure all members were being taken care of, while also keeping them safe. Zelle®, a person-to-person payment system, was made available in June. Digital appointment scheduling for in-branch visits and phone calls was introduced in July.

Having provided the same credit card offers to members for almost 20 years, HEBFCU overhauled the Mastercard program in 2021 and migrated to a new program that features contactless cards and a rewards program. This also provides a single source solution for all plastic card processing. 

As HEBFCU works each day to deliver on the commitments made in the Bold Promise, it will continue to earn its members’ trust and loyalty. These commitments will provide the strongest support for HEBFCU’s future growth in 2022 and beyond.